ISE Smart Connect KNX E-Charge II

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The ISE Smart Connect KNX E-Charge II is a powerful solution for charging electric vehicles. It offers five charging points per device, Dynamic Load Management (DLM), support of different manufacturers, network-supported control. Read more


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ISE Smart Connect KNX E-Charge II

The ISE Smart Connect KNX E-Charge II is a device with many useful features:

  • Integration of five charging points per device.
  • Dynamic load management (DLM).
  • Manufacturer diversity.
  • Mixed operation with various manufacturers.
  • Grid-supporting control.
  • Integrated RS485 adapter.
  • Prioritisation of one charging point.
  • Support for external electricity meters at charging points which are not equipped with an integrated electricity meter.
  • Charging status values: Charging point status (status), Connected (status), Charging (status), Charging complete (status)*, Interrupt (set/status)*, Start/Stop (set/status)*, Unlock (set)*.
  • Charging current status values: Target (status/set), Actual L1 - L3*, Actual (status).
  • Power status values: Actual L1 - L3*, Actual (status).
  • Energy status values: Actual L1 - L3, Actual (status)*.
  • Energy consumption status values: Last charge (status), Total (status)*.
  • Fault status values: Fault, Last fault.
  • Status values: Communication ID (EVCCID) (status)*, Charging point internal temperature (status)*, Temperature warning*, RFID tag (status)*, Serial number*, Charging point firmware version*.
  • KNX Secure.
  • Completely configurable in ETS.
  • Extensions via firmware updates.

* Manufacturer-dependent.

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